About DayDetails.com

Neat little place to discover interesting details about your birthday.

Icon General 1What is it All About?

About 1 DayDetails.com is a free web service that lets you check various interesting facts and details about your birthday or any other date. You can quickly find out how old you are according to Islamic, Iranian, and many other calendars. What your age would be in different places or even on the other planets, learn your astrological sign based on many various Zodiacs, as well as amusing details such as how many seconds you are alive and when is your anniversaries coming up.

Icon General 2How Accurate Is It?

About 2 Accurate. Very accurate. While calculating dates DayDetails.com engine takes into account leap years and other Gregorian calendar elements to produce very precise results.
For units lesser than days when computing time the differences algorithm presumes the entered date's time is set to midnight. And if we really want to be technical about it - all other specific calculations are based on the Eastern Time Zone.

Icon General 3What? Who? How?

About 3 Using DayDetails.com is simple. Go to the first page and enter any date in the form. Website accepts any dates from 1000 to 2011 as a valid input.
DayDetails.com also provides you a simple API that lets you use links for pre-entered date, just enter correct year, month and day as URL parameters. For example 08/20/1985 would be (the order doesn't matter):

This little web tool is created for you by me, Ramunas Geciauskas. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to contact me for any suggestions or explore my other projects.

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